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Diligence spotter

Manage cases, screen third parties, set risk profiles and assess risk with Diligence spotter, the dynamic workflow solution from LexisNexis BIS.

Diligence Spotter combines third party screening, risk assessment, ongoing monitoring and case management into one, robust tool so your organisation can operate with confidence, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

How it Works

Third Party Screening Identify and screen new clients, partners and organisations against PEPs, Interpol, sanctions, internal lists and negative news

Risk Assessment Discover potential risks that may need escalation or stricter due diligence

Ongoing Monitoring  - Check against watch lists as an added layer of diligence through automatic batch screening

Case Management  - Improve your ongoing processes with comprehensive case management, audit and workflow tools

Enhanced Due Diligence - Our Diligence solution is fully integrated to ensure low, medium and high risk checks in one solution

Benefits for your Business

  • Through our consistent and proven process, you'll increase efficiency
  • Organisations become more cost effective by better aligning resources where they have maximum impact
  • Manage business strategies and risk
  • Meet regulatory expectations and global standards with confidence

Get in Touch

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