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Your indispensable monitoring tool for risk and reputation management

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LexisNexis Analytics

Influencers and word of mouth are powerful tools in forming brand reputations. But while you and your company endeavour to project one image, the perception might be something else entirely. Welcome to LexisNexis Analytics, your indispensable monitoring tool for risk and reputation management. Combining innovative technology with premium content – including traditional and new media – to transform information into actionable intelligence.

eReputation discovery audit

Gain comprehensive insight into your brand’s online reputation. Benchmark your activity compared to your competitors, analyse the sites and bloggers who are writing about you and also gauge your share of voice. 

Ongoing monitoring

Dashboards help you understand how well your marketing and lobbying strategies are working - and enable you to identify new opportunities for your brand. Continuously monitor potential risks which may threaten your reputation, your brands and your financial status.  

Automated sentiment analysis

Award winning technology enables us to automatically understand the sentiment of the article in relation to companies, people, brands or products across 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese,Italian, Dutch, Mandarin, Arabic and Russian.

Unrivalled content

Behind LexisNexis Analytics is the world’s most comprehensive information database, covering thousands of traditional and online media sources. LexisNexis Analytics monitors over 58,000 sources, including; news content, blogs, websites, public records, scientific sources, patent information, legal documents and transcripts. Even internal documents can be analysed, including emails, CRM data, and customer service verbatim.

Innovative technology

Our Smart Indexing Technology means all sources are tagged with market leading metadata, including date, author, source and entities, enabling the content to be categorised automatically and precisely. The LexisNexis Analytics Influence Index enables you to see which blogs and social media are most important to your organisation. Our analysts rank social media using both qualitative and quantitative research, so you can see which sites have the most influence on your market.