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BatchNameCheck® gives you daily screening results and reports that help you identify and escalate entities that pose a potential risk to your organisation. By leveraging critical global watchlists, sanctions and PEP databases, as well as negative news searches, you receive near real-time results that give you the confidence you need to move your business forward. BatchNameCheck® is a secure, efficient and cost-effective solution for integrated name checking of current and new entities and can be used for ad-hoc or high-volume batch searches.

A Proven Process

Our four-step methodology gives you consistent, clear, near real-time results.

  1. Import your Contacts:  Upload third parties and verify against multiple data sources, including PEP, Interpol, official sanctions lists, internal lists and negative news.
  2. Update Lists:  Daily refresh to ensure you are running name checks against the most current information.
  3. Execute name checks:  Verify any hits and identify potential areas of concern.
  4. Run reports:  Understand what requires escalation or further monitoring with daily individual, detailed and global name check reports.
Real-World Benefits
  • Save time: We automate the screening process and reduce false positives to save time so you can focus on your business processes.
  • Cost Effective: BatchNameCheck® is cost-effective and efficient, offering you scalable pricing options with a minimal IT investment, meaning the cost per check is low.
  • Improved Protection: With streamlined entity screening, reduced false positives, and a complete audit trail of activity, BatchNameCheck® better protects your business.
  • Easy Integration with Other Solutions: Escalate an entity for deeper due diligence with solutions that sit alongside BatchNameCheck®.

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