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Due Diligence Research Tailored to Advanced Risk


IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence

Sometimes the risk level warrants deeper due-diligence investigation. See how IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence fits into your risk mitigation strategy.

When your basic due-diligence checks flag an entity risk, you escalate and expand your due-diligence efforts.  LexisNexis® BIS has entered into an alliance with The Red Flag Group to support bespoke due diligence investigations. The solution—IntegraCheck | Integrity Due Diligence—addresses integrity and compliance risks posed by threats ranging from third parties working on your behalf to joint ventures to suppliers and beyond.

Due diligence reports

Offering five distinct levels of reporting and flexible pricing options, Integracheck | Integrity Due Diligence can fill in the gaps in your risk mitigation process. Reports can cover anti-corruption and anti-bribery assessments, third-party screening of vendors and suppliers, reputational and risk management,  company background checks during mergers and acquisitions, and investigations into fraud, embezzlement, financial irregularities and money laundering.

Advisory services

In addition to conducting deep-dive due-diligence research, our partnership with The Red Flag Group offers complementary advisory services.  Guidance and coaching provided by consultants with real-world experience in rolling out global compliance programmes, can help your internal compliance and legal teams develop corporate compliance strategies, handle compliance investigations, and conduct compliance health checks.

Managed services

If your internal resources are stretched to the limit, you can tap into the managed services through The Red Flag Group to help with batch screenings or remediation projects as needed.