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Protect your corporate reputation and avoid penalties

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Lexis Diligence

Better understand your customers, employees and vendors to reduce risk, raise productivity, increase profitability and improve decision-making. Lexis Diligence brings together all the intelligence you need in one place to conduct consistent due diligence and comply with anti-money laundering and anti-bribery regulatory requirements. It's fast, intuitive and doesn't require any additional IT investment or training.

Company information

Verify a corporate entity and find out more about its business and management structure. Access over 150 databases of premium business information and millions of public and private company profiles covering developed and emerging markets.

Sanctions, PEPs & watch lists

Ensure your organisation doesn't work with a blacklisted company and put you at risk of costly fines. Screen against all the key international sanctions and watch lists including OFAC, HM Treasury, FBI and over 1,000,000 PEPs.


Truly understand an individual's background. Draw from over 500 biographical sources and executive profiles from Who's Who to Debrett's.

Global news archive

Minimise reputational risk to your business by checking against over 23,000 news sources from international, national & regional newspapers, blogs and newswires. With an archive going back over 35 years, ensure you don't miss valuable information not available on the web.

Legal history

The international cases data helps users to determine how litigious an individual or company may be. Coverage includes data from the UK, EU, US and selected Asian jurisdictions. For example from the UK this includes; All England Law Reports, ICLR Law Reports and reported cases from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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