Unlock the big picture

Add value to your applications with unrivaled access to normalized large-volume datasets. The Bulk Content API lets you analyze historical and current coverage, and apply your own enrichment taxonomies to unlock critical project insights. You create the UI, giving you total control over the ways in which the data is applied.

Unrivaled data

Easily ingest licensed news, legal, and regulatory content into your application. Benefit from ever-expanding data collections of publication-level sources.

Comprehensive archiving

Build historical context into your project. Add an extra dimension to your current awareness with archival content spanning decades.

Flexible enrichment

Data is delivered with LexisNexis® proprietary SmartIndexing taxonomy. After download, you can add your own enrichment processes to create further insights.

Fast, efficient data mining

Power your insights

Pick only the news and legal publications you’re interested in, or receive the entire archive.  Download all content from your selected sources in one easily ingested feed. The RESTful interface makes it simple to acquire and maintain a huge dataset.

Speed up development

Cut down on development time and avoid costly, time-consuming data adjustment. Receive large-scale data, simply and reliably—extracted, licensed, pre-converted to XML, and delivered in a single format.

Machine learning to analytics

Gain access to outstanding datasets for AI/machine-learning projects, analytics, and big data mining. Get insights from US and international news publications in more than 20 languages.

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