Build better decisions. Connect to unmatched content sources.

Forecast disruption. Manage transformation. Streamline daily operations. The LexisNexis® Web Services Kit connects you to powerful news and business content, trusted by over 8,000 companies including 94 % of the US Fortune 500.


Access unmatched news and business content. Tap into information from trusted news sources. Unlock insights from over 110 million companies, 80 million executives, and 1,000 industries worldwide.


Leverage our powerful, versatile search engine as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Use our comprehensive database to extend your Data-as-a-Service (Daas) applications. Easily comply with current web standards. Enjoy development support from our team.


Flexibly integrate with any application, from third-party CRM systems to home-grown enterprise solutions. Content is available on demand and delivered in well-formed XML responses. You get total control over how you present that content to users or incorporate it in your application.


Benefit from industry-leading metadata, including our award-winning SmartIndexing taxonomy. You can use your own enrichment technologies to build unique connections with our data and unlock crucial insights.

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