The NSPCC identify and locate donor potential with Nexis from LexisNexis

August 07, 2014 by Rebecca Gillingham

With clients around the globe benefiting from our valuable services for due diligence and research purposes, we often get asked about the impact of our work and how we help our users. To that end, we have worked with some of our clients to showcase how our solutions have helped them. These case studies are now featured in a series of posts.

nspcc logoThe NSPCC is one of the largest charities in Britain. Their vision today remains the same as it was when it was founded in 1884: to end cruelty to children. They are committed to providing the most effective ways of helping children and rely on donations so that they can deliver support to children across the UK.

Public generosity accounts for more than 90% of the charity’s income of around £120 million per annum so they are reliant on the generosity and commitment of supporters – large and small. The role of fundraising is therefore very important to provide the resources needed by the Society to motivate existing supporters as well as expand their supporter network.

Using Nexis® the NSPCC can research detailed information that offers insight into existing and potential supporters such as biographical profiles on individuals who might have donor potential. Broad media theme searches find individuals and companies who might be philanthropically oriented. Sources such as Debrett’s and ICC Company Reports then build a detailed understanding of the connections between people and businesses to determine if they are good candidates for fundraising efforts.

The diverse range of sources and information on Nexis helps the NSPCC in their fundraising efforts by supplying the most relevant information to their fundraisers. Senior Business Support Manager, Helen Carpenter, explains:

“We manage research more efficiently with Nexis and also tailor our data gathering to our exact needs. Nexis enables us to combine different sources of world news, industry and corporate information to provide a clearer overall picture. We can also save our results and run the same searches over time to build a consistent picture.”

Being commercially focussed is vital to any charity. Working with Nexis, the NSPCC can safeguard costs which are kept to the barest minimum as, without Nexis, they would need to employ far more people for donor research. Check out the full case study here: A Complete Picture of Donor Potential

Research like this isn’t just limited to national charities; non-profit organisations of all sizes can take advantage of Nexis to support their fundraising goals. If you feel like Nexis could help drive more income for your charity, you might benefit from a consultation with one of our specialists.

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