2015 AML Industry Compensation Survey

May 08, 2015 by Mark Dunn

With salaries and demand increasing for compliance professionals, ACAMS are interested to better understand compensation for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism & Fraud (CTF) professionals.

ACAMS (Association of Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialists) is an international organisation dedicated to increasing the knowledge and expertise of anti-money laundering and financial crime detection with the use of prevention professionals in public and private sectors.


The ACAMS 2015 Compensation Survey is designed to help ACAMS establish a benchmark for industry compensation, specifically for AML focused careers and other financial crime prevention industries. By completing the survey, your contribution will be used anonymously to objectively evaluate global salaries for 2015.

Angela Salter, Head of Europe for ACAMS said "The continued emphasis on risk management and compliance means that AML remains top of the executive agenda and salaries are increasing accordingly. ACAMS' salary survey provides a useful benchmark for institutions looking to ensure they can attract the best professionals in the field whilst for the compliance professional, it clearly demonstrates the added value that CAMS certification brings in terms of higher remuneration levels".

Why AML professionals should complete the survey

AML professionals should complete ACAMS' Industry Compensation Survey to help themselves and their employers to determine accurate and fair compensation level' by evaluating compensation across your industry. When complete, the 2015 report will allow individuals to compare their salaries and benefits with their peers, with data aggregated into personal, professional, compensation, geographic and benefits profiles.

Read the results from the previous Survey in 2013 to read more compensation data for financial crime detection and prevention professionals.

In related news, the job market for compliance professionals has been on the rise. With increased regulation and scrutiny in firms after the 2008 financial crisis, financial compliance professional's salaries have been raised 2 - 4% (According to Robert Half, an international recruitment firm) and compliance specialists are reaping the benefits of increasing regulation in the financial services sector. Demand for compliance professionals has also risen due to a limited number of specialists in the market. Firms therefore will have to pay above the odds for compliance professionals. With companies now under inspection from regulators, they need to demonstrate they are doing everything they can to comply with new laws and regulations in their sector, which means firms are increasing their staffing.

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