5 ways you can improve due diligence today

January 01, 1970 by Mark Dunn

Are you on top of changing sanctions regimes, regulatory developments and reputational risks associated with negative news?  Here are 5 ways you can make staying on top of them easier, simpler and more effective.

1. Access all areas

Access premium business information to verify corporate entities quickly and gain a complete picture of a company's profile, business areas and management structure.

2. Screen against key watch lists

Minimise the risk of fines by screening against all the key international sanctions and watch lists including OFAC, HM Treasury, FBI and more than 1,000,000 politically exposed persons (PEPs)

3. Get to know the individual

Use biographical sources and executive profiles – from Who's Who to Debrett's – to understand the background of the people you are doing business with.

4. Go beyond Google

A Google search is not enough.  Minimise reputational risks by checking against more than 23,000 news sources, from international, national and regional newspapers to blogs and newswires.

5. Learn from the best legal databases

Check international case data and law reports for insight into the risk a new supplier might pose to your brand, and your legal team's peace of mind!

Lexis Diligence gives you access to all of this information and more!

Dig deeper today with a free, no obligation trial of Lexis Diligence.  Start your free trial today and see how you can conduct due diligence on third parties, suppliers, companies and individuals with more confidence.

"We were impressed by the global and comprehensive nature of Lexis Diligence, combined with the flexibility shown by the LexisNexis team."

John Mackay, Partner at SP Angel Corporate Finance