How news coverage provided early warning signs of a company's collapse

01 Jan 1970 1:00 am by Rebecca Gillingham

How can you use information to anticipate and manage supply chain risk?

The challenge for any company is to ensure it can mitigate risk in doing business: both with those it contracts directly and throughout the broader supply chain.  Companies implement a range of techniques to mitigate the risks within their supply chain but there are clear benefits from being able to anticipate and avoid a potential disruption before it happens.

LexisNexis and State of Flux conducted a case study-based research project looking at 23 failed companies since 2008. The research analyses more than 90,000 news articles written about the companies in the run up to bankruptcy and uses specific Smartindexing terms to identify trends in companies that are at risk of failure. This whitepaper investigates how the systematic monitoring of a company's news coverage can identify early warning signs of an imminent financial collapse.

Download the whitepaper here