Monitoring News Coverage: When it Comes to Online Tools, You Get What You Pay For

October 10, 2019 by Mark Dunn

Over the past two decades, the Internet has fundamentally transformed every industry. One of the defining characteristics of this new era is that the Internet provides universal access to all sorts of free information.

Business professionals have taken advantage of this free information pipeline to track news coverage about their own company and competitors with the aid of online news portals and free “news alerts” services. Unfortunately, many professionals have fallen prey to a myth that is surprisingly ubiquitous: they mistakenly assume that monitoring news coverage on the “open Web” with search engines and other free tools, such as Google Alerts™, is a truly comprehensive way to discover and access nearly all of the relevant news stories that are published.

Monitoring white paper image

The truth is that this has never been the case and monitoring news coverage with free news alerts from various search engine providers has its limitations. These shortcomings have become so pronounced in recent months that those who continue to rely on the open Web and services such as Google Alerts in order to monitor news coverage are likely missing out on a large number of relevant news articles every day.

Combing the open Web for relevant news about your organisation means that some content may be missed, especially using free alert services. But why? To find out more, download our white paper which investigates why, when it comes to monitoring news coverage, you get what you pay for.