Mr Zanjani sentenced to death in Iran

January 01, 1970 by Mark Dunn

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Babak Zanjani, an Iranian businessmen who was sanctioned by the EU and US for his alleged role in helping Iran to evade sanctions on its oil industry, has been sentenced to death in Iran for corruption.  Mr Zanjani has admitted using businesses in Turkey, Malaysia, and the UAE to sell oil on behalf of the Iranian government since 2010.  He is accused of embezzling $2.8bn of profit from those sales; he states that the money was not paid because of sanctions preventing him from doing so, and is appealing the judgment.

Mr Zanjani had his EU listing annulled by the European court in 2014, but was re-listed shortly thereafter (see previous blog). He was then de-listed earlier this year when the JCPOA nuclear deal was implemented.

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