Norway joins EU sanctions against Russia

January 01, 1970 by Mark Dunn

Posted on August 12th 2014 by Michael O'Kane on

On 12 August 2014, Norway announced that it will join sanctions the EU has imposed on Russia over the situation in Ukraine.

Although Norway is not part of the EU, the Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende said that the country will impose restrictions on Russia of a similar nature to those imposed by the EU on 1 August 2014. Russian state-owned banks will be banned from taking long-term and mid-term loans, arms exports will be banned and supplies of equipment, technology and assistance to the Russian oil sector will be prohibited. Michael O'Kane of Peters & Peters examines the lengthening list.

Russia has already imposed sanctions of its own against Norway, which was one of the countries included in the food import ban implemented by Moscow last Thursday.

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