Three top tips for the AML/Financial Crime professional

July 29, 2014 by Mark Dunn

At the recent ACAMS UK Chapter  meeting hosted by LexisNexis, David Symes – MD of Compliance Recruitment Solutions Ltd – presented on the job market in AML and Financial Crime. This post is a high-level overview from David's presentation which included very useful advice and practical tips for Compliance practitioners.

The job market is active for professionals in financial crime prevention

Increasing regulatory requirements are one of the biggest organisational challenges as regulatory burdens continue to change and increase around the globe. Effective compliance not only saves a company time and money, but also reduces the risk of fines, litigation and protects brand reputation. It is not surprising then that firms are under pressure to alleviate risk through compliance professionals. So what advice can be offered for candidates considering applying for a compliance role?

1. Current trends and demand in the UK

  • The financial services sector is demanding qualifications NOT just experience.  Regulators putting roles under more scrutiny to ensure they are covered by individuals with the right experience
  • Growth in jobs is mainly in the AML space
  • Sanctions experience is in huge demand as is AML training and still KYC too
  • Overseas Brits can be in demand as normal compliance ie conduct risk rules are specific to local jurisdiction, but AML skills are very transferable globally

2. Relevance of networking including using social media

  • Move into specialist roles by networking online, especially if you have some relevant skills but have not worked in a specialist role. A former colleague would appreciate why skills might transfer
  • Network through communities in LinkedIn and social media

3. Some tips for your CV

  • Technical skills
  • Strong broad interpersonal skills
  • How you have handled sufficient situations
  • Demonstrate social skills
  • Training experience also big
  • KYC verification projects are in high demand and any experience here is good to highlight
  • Avoid recruitment agencies who simply e-shot your CV as it may inadvertently arrive back on your manager's desk
  • Use a covering letter attached with CV via email or short paragraph in email itself to emphasise why you believe you are right for the role
  • Ensure you learn your CV and don't have to keep referring to a printout or notes in your interviews

For a fast start, click here to see a sample CV.

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