3 company qualities that attract millennials

January 01, 1970 by Leela Bozonelis

Corporate social responsibility efforts not only benefit the planet and brand reputation, but they are also key to attracting millennial consumers.
These plugged-in and open-minded yet strongly opinionated buyers are particular about the brands they choose to support. That's because they're socially and environmentally conscious beings, which weighs heavily into their buying decisions.  

Here are three qualities of the socially responsible brands that appeal to millennials and how PR professionals can emphasize them:

1. Authenticity

Millennials want to support authentic brands with values that mirror their own. On top of that, they are skeptical buyers, which can make it difficult to gain their trust and loyalty. Genuine brands will have the best luck attracting and retaining millennial customers. That includes responding to negative feedback quickly with class and sincerity and avoiding rigged customer reviews. Rather than covering up mistakes
with lies or empty promises, PR professionals should practice honesty as the best policy in their strategies.

2. Sustainability efforts

Millennials want to invest in the companies that care about positively impacting society and reducing their footprint on the environment. They're strong advocates of environmentally friendly and cruelty-free efforts. For brands, that could mean using recycled materials in packaging or leading volunteer efforts. Millennials are usually happy to pay more for products when they know the company follows these kinds of sustainable and ethical business practices. Sustainability and social responsibility also play into the engagement level of corporate strategies. PR professionals should give consumers an opportunity to get involved in these sociallyresponsible efforts, whether it's a chance to volunteer their time or donate money. Millennials will be likely to engage - and become loyal consumers - to those companies.

3. Savvy social media presence

Born in the digital era, millennials are pros at building their own online personas. As such, they expect brands to do the same. PR professionals can utilize social media to share their CSR story on the platforms where millennials are already engaged. Use videos, high-resolution photography and custom graphics to illustrate your efforts. Define a sincere, relatable tone that creates a conversation with millennials rather than talking at them. Plus, take the time to see what potential millennial consumers are posting. You may gain insight into the social issues they care about, opening up the opportunity to advocate for those causes and start honest discussions about those particular issues. That way, you can demonstrate genuine concern for bettering society and appeal to millennials as a company that's worth supporting.