3 things to do in 2018 to ensure better research insights

January 01, 1970

Ready to remove the roadblocks to real results in 2018? It’s simpler than you think. As you plan for this year, you know that your customers are going to want financial insights that help them grow. But how do you ensure you’re giving them what they need to make better decisions?

The first step is to identify what is standing in your way.  Here, we break down a few of the common roadblocks that exist and that could be keeping you from real results.

Overburdened Teams

Like most of us today, we’re asked to do more with less.  Teams are tasked with not just their day-to-day responsibilities but additional items that may fall between the cracks as we work to keep up.  Be sure that robust research isn’t slipping through your fingers. By working with trusted, deep content sources, insightful reports and regular news alerts, your teams can focus on what they do best – working with your customers to help them reach their goals.

Only Looking Forward

With things changing by the minute today, it’s easy to only look at what’s happening now. What future trends do I need to consider? How is this event shaping the next quarter? But, often, it’s taking a look back that can help the most. There is real value in historical data—from trends over time to market conditions to other cyclical insights that can power what you’re providing your customers. If you’re only looking forward, you’re missing a big piece of the financial picture.

Nervous Customers

Today’s economy and climate are unsettled. Most people aren’t sure if they should have an optimistic or pessimistic outlook. And, this often varies by industry and by geography.  Compounding this already uncertain environment is social media. One tweet, one video, one comment can become “news” in just a moment, giving your clients even more to consider and react to. Developing relationships with your customers that are built on trusted, consistent information can help them feel more at ease and less likely to react to everything to read and hear. Are you set up to calm the waters by having the best and latest insights at your disposal? And do you have a plan for sharing those insights through regular reports?

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