3 tips for getting the right content, every time

October 10, 2019 by Leela Bozonelis

I’ve done all this research, now what?

Have you ever sat at your desk, staring at your screen, asking yourself the same question? It doesn’t matter if you’re a research professional, financial analyst, insurance agent, development professional, academic expert or part of a legal team. Today, research is fundamental to how professionals work. We need to know what’s happening not just here and now but across the globe and over the past ten years and more. With all of these levers, we’re able to get our organizations and its stakeholders the most relevant, accurate information for better decision making.

The effectiveness and potential impact of our research is not possible without high-quality content sources.

In fact, a study by IBM estimates that poor quality content costs $3.1 trillion annually to US businesses alone.

Most of this cost is coming from wasted time with inaccurate or incomplete information that needs to be vetted or reworked. And often, the potential cost to reputation is immeasurable if you’re using the wrong information or unreliable sources.  Here are three tips for making sure your content is trusted, actionable and giving you holistic views of your topics:

Go to the Source

There’s no limit to the number of content sources available today. But how can you know if they’re trustworthy and giving you accurate and up-to-date information? By working with trusted local, national or global news sources, like The New York Times, The Japan Times, and The Daily Mail, or industry thought leaders and top trade publications, you know that your facts are ones you can count on.

There’s also no need for you to track down the top sources alone. To save time and effort work with a partner who can aggregate leading outlets of news and business information for you, both public and premium – giving you daily, even hourly, access to information as it evolves.

Let your content do the work for you

Once you’re connected to the right sources, be sure you’re getting all you can out of your content.  Solutions like Nexis enrich your content with tagging, indexing and more. Enriching the content enables you to weed out clutter or false hits, meaning you’re not only linked to the right sources, you’re getting the best information out of those sources.

Sometimes you may not start with a specific keyword or detailed search but may know the subject or industry you are interested in reviewing. Advanced search features can capture those results related to your subject or industry even if the exact search phrase cannot be found—ultimately giving you a deeper dive into the topics you care about. LexisNexis SmartIndexing® (link) is an example of a functionality just like this and more, helping you to not only access content, but put it to work in ways that drive results.

Go Global

Today, our reach is the world. Be sure you have access to global content and that it can easily be translated into the languages you need. Relying on local, or even national, content isn’t enough. By leveraging solutions with real-time translating, you can translate content throughout your entire research session. This means you’re combining critical steps into one, saving you time and resources.

According to Caryn McEwen, Head of Global Content Operations, LexisNexis, following these simple tips will yield big results. “Using a comprehensive portfolio of industry and news data helps customers derive insights from multiple industries and geographies with as little or as much detail as they like – all from credible sources and specialist providers available in one place.”

Three ways to apply this information now:

* If you’re doing your own research, check out solutions like Nexis that are designed to bring you trusted content, when and where you need it.

* Want to learn more about how content can enhance your research efforts? Read some recent use cases to uncover how specific industries are putting the power of research to work.

* Experiencing roadblocks in your research? Talk with an expert today to create a plan for removing the roadblocks to real results