Small Data Forum: LexisNexis introduces its data Podcast series

15 Jun 2016 12:00 am by Leela Bozonelis

Big Data can be intimidating, but it can be increasingly valuable for communicators and information professionals. The Small Data Forum, held on 17thMay at the Hospital Club in London's Covent Garden, was an initiative from LexisNexis Business Insight Solutions to educate businesses about the challenges of Big Data.

The breakfast seminar, moderated by IBM's Neville Hobson and Sam Knowles, Managing Director of Insight Agents, discussed ways to turn data into insight that delivers increased business value.

In the first episode of the podcast series Sam and Neville, together with host Thomas Stoeckle, Global Head of Evaluation & Insights of LexisNexis BIS reflects on:

  • How to increase the value of data
  • How to understand data and its insights to inform better business decisions
  • How to manage data from machines (data processing) and humans (turning Big Data into small, relevant, business-critical insight)

Managing vast amounts of information relies on understanding how to blend discrete and diverse data sets - from both machines and humans.  Sam suggests the future belongs to 'strategists with algorithms': machines do the maths and humans provide cognitive reasoning to deliver meaning.  Neville, an advocate for the capabilities of IBM's Watson, agrees: tools and data are essential, but it is humans that think, make, market and sell a business.

To learn more, listen to the first Small Data forum podcast: The Small Data Forum Podcast - Episode 1

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