Using social media to make your CSR efforts go viral

January 01, 1970 by Leela Bozonelis

The planet benefits from corporate social responsibility strategies regardless, but brands begin to benefit when consumers are aware of those efforts. Reducing a carbon footprint is a good look for brands, and it engages consumers when the particular efforts align with their individual values. That's why PR professionals should utilise social media to spread the word about their initiatives.

Here's how brands can demonstrate CSR efforts with social media strategy:

Be transparent

Don't be shy about your brand's CSR efforts - it's okay to share good deeds! However, brands must walk a fine line between being authentic and original versus arrogant and self-centered on social media. One tactic is to syndicate press releases. That way, when news outlets pick up the story, you can share how they speak about the efforts, rather than the brand speaking about them directly. Feel free to share posts linking to the press releases themselves, too. People may be more likely to see them when they show up on their social feeds.

Share the action

It can be much more effective to show consumers what your brand is doing rather than simply talking about it. Engage viewers with images and videos that demonstrate the CSR efforts. Plus, you can share graphics that put a visual spin on the results of the CSR endeavors. Similarly, live tweeting events is a great way to get viewers excited about the efforts.

Encourage participation

The goal of social media in CSR strategies isn't just likes and comments. It's also about getting consumers involved in the cause. Curate posts that communicate how consumers can participate in the efforts, whether it's through volunteering, donating money or advocating for the cause. A clear call-to-action can also help educate your audience on how it can participate beyond reading and sharing the post. That step may mean the post links to petitions, volunteer event pages, newsletter sign-ups or relevant landing pages.

You can also encourage employees to participate in the posting, sharing their experiences with the company's CSR efforts. These personal posts generally have more credibility than branded or sponsored ones.

Listen and respond to feedback

Start a two-way conversation with your audience, giving them the opportunity to weigh in on discussions about the cause. Ask for feedback on your CSR efforts. You may gain some valuable insights into how your brand can improve. Make sure to respond to as many comments and messages as possible, as this communication will make consumers feel like the brand trusts and cares about their opinions.

By effectively leveraging social media, PR professionals can start a worthwhile conversation with consumers that drives powerful engagement and awareness