Who made it big on the list of top Private Charity givers… and just how ‘Private’ are they?

January 01, 1970 by Rebecca Gillingham

The City A.M. Charity Index ranks the world's private sector charitable institutions in terms of how much they have distributed during the year. The Index is used to raise the profile of the countless charities raising money for vital causes. The top 20 charities range from high-profile names to off-the-radar charities that seem to keep a very low media profile.

Running these 20 charities through Nexis Analyser (the media analysis tool that quickly and easily creates easy-to-read summary graphs of research data) reveals a substantial difference in the amount of PR earned. The majority of charities show 13 or less articles published in 2015. It's a different story at the top though with the leading two charities pulling in 517 and 285 media mentions respectively.

In the number one spot sits the 'Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (USA)' with 517 media mentions. The chart shows a spike in March and December. Media interest in March was centred around the launch of the Gates and Bloomberg $4M anti-tobacco trade litigation fund. The Kansas City Business Journal notes that 'Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, and Bill Gates are teaming up to launch an anti-tobacco trade litigation fund to help low and middle-income countries fight back against the tobacco industry'. The spike in December was not generated directly by the Foundation's actions but because of comparisons with Mark Zuckerberg's pledge to give away most of his Facebook shares, a roughly $45 billion fortune. This helped both Gates and Zuckerberg cement their roles as Silicon Valley's most generous donors.

UK charity Wellcome Trust takes the number two spot with 285 media mentions. A spike in February helped to push media coverage. Slightly distracting from the good work of the Trust was the focus on the pay of senior staff in charities with Wellcome Trust paying somewhere between £590,000 to £600,000 (telegraph.co.uk).

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