Who were the real World Cup winners?

01 Jan 1970 1:00 am

The World Cup is officially over, so let’s take a final look at who were the media winners…

World cup fansOn 13th July, in Rio de Janeiro, Germany lifted the World Cup trophy as 2014 FIFA World Cup™ champions. Mario Gotze overcame the Argentine defence to end the match 1-0, with a decisive extra-time goal breaking the match-long stalemate and leaving Argentina little time to respond.

The huge celebrations after the final shows just how much emotion goes into the competition from fans and players alike. The victory celebrations in Germany were so wild in fact that the team managed to damage the trophy, chipping off a piece of it during their Berlin homecoming!

The FIFA World Cup™ traditionally gathers a great deal of public interest and support and, using Nexis Analyser, it is possible to monitor how the media profiles of contestants were affected by the results as the tournament progressed.

Which country had the best media profile?  

Rather than looking at the combined total of all articles, we’ve mapped the media profiles of the winning country and three semi-finalists (Germany, Brazil, Argentina and the Netherlands) so that we can see how their respective coverage changed across the ten days up to, and then beyond, the final.

World cup graphicUnsurprisingly, the search results In Nexis Analyser show that winning the World Cup doubles a team’s/country’s media profile. As expected, the biggest increase comes immediately after their matches with pundits discussing performance, game highlights and what the results mean going forward. Germany received a high level of media coverage before their semi final game against hosts Brazil but Germany’s media profile peaked at 892 articles the day after the final.

While the Netherland’s media profile simmered out fairly quickly after their semi final defeat to Argentina, Brazil’s sustained media profile of more than 500 articles on the day of the final demonstrates the effect of being the host nation although, of course, the volume will also have been a consequence of Brazil’s 7-1 meltdown to the eventual champions.

So, for sustained coverage, our media winner is…. Brazil – but not necessarily for all the right reasons!

End notes

During this year's World Cup, media measurement firms have been especially busy, producing a wide variety of visual content of which, of course, this blog is one where we have attempted to show how media stats and analyses can be created within Nexis®.

Businesses using Nexis Analyser can monitor their own or competitor media profiles over time, mapping key messages and comparing media profile by different publications. The highly visual output enables users to effectively report on changes in media profile over time. Updated daily, Nexis Analyser monitors information from more than 35,000 news and business sources over an archive of more than 30 years.