World Cup 2014 kicks off but is it a night of glorious goals or people protests?

01 Jan 1970 1:00 am

The concluding fervent hours to the World Cup saw much press activity. But was this event going to be reported as a celebration of the beautiful game, or as an opportunity to focus on the social unrest? Time to kick Nexis Analyser into gear to see what’s happening.

A quick search first on Nexis through ‘All English Language News’ stories related to ‘World Cup 2014’ with mentions of ‘goals and excitement’ or ‘protests and riots’ returned over 1,000 results (at the time of writing this blog). Scanning through the headlines revealed articles from a range of sources including prestigious websites such as  CNN International, Huffington Post and BBC News. Alongside online sources, Nexis also has access to more newspapers than any other news aggregator so a quick scan through the print titles reveals results returned from national and global titles including Cape Times (South Africa), The Daily Telegraph, Gulf News (UAE), The Independent, Malta Today and The Guardian. Now that’s a great global search of online and print news from around the world. Time to see whether those reporters are in favour of goals or protests.

And the result is...

Reporters are loving the beautiful game and avoiding the protests. The Nexis Analyser chart below shows a total of 904 articles relating to ‘Goals & Excitement’ with just 397 reporting on ‘Protests & Riots’.

Nexis analyser world cup chart

Steve Larkin for AAP Newsfeed writes “ So many different waves - some despairing, others joyful - relentlessly rolled into day one of the 2014 World Cup.” This is going to be an interesting story to watch unfold as protesters continue to campaign against the $US11 billion spent on the event but are not finding much support from the majority of reporters who are captivated by the sport.

End notes

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