5 Powerful Ways CEEMarketWatch Reports Strengthen Your Emerging Markets Research & Analysis

29 Apr 2020 10:32 am by Megan Burnside

As the world grapples with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the health of its citizens and its economies, many are wondering how emerging markets will fare compared to their more developed counterparts. While emerging markets definitely face a rough road ahead, some experts expect emerging markets to show exceptional resilience.

In an April podcast, Manraj Sekhon, chief investment officer of Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity, said, “When you look at crises historically, what it’s shown is that it’s actually been a spur for greater innovation, more resilience and adapting to a new challenge. Over the last 5-10 years, we have seen emerging markets leapfrog developed markets in terms of technology and new systems, the new economy. I think we are going to see more leapfrogging over the next year or two spurred on by this crisis.”

But when it comes to gathering market intelligence, you certainly can’t rely on a single quote from a single expert. Whether you’re using Nexis® Solutions research platforms to explore business opportunities or mitigate risk with due diligence investigations, you can find critical insights on emerging markets in one of our premium additions to our vast content universe—CEEMarketWatch Country Reports.

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Take advantage of expert market intelligence

Gaining a clear understanding of macroeconomic and political factors in play in emerging markets can be challenging if you’re only seeing a country from a distance. Fortunately, that’s the first advantage offered by CEEMarketWatch Country Reports.

1. Local knowledge

With economists embedded in locations around the world, CEEMarketWatch Country Reports go beyond a global perspective. As developing economies diversify, so to will their markets. CEEMarketWatch notes, “Along with the key markets, we are highly valued for coverage of small countries where information is hard to find, and news reports often do not make sense without local expertise.” Understanding macroeconomic and political factors from a local perspective enhances your ability to identify opportunities for expansion or areas of increased risk—now and into the future.

The local focus, however, doesn’t mean a limited offering. CEEMarketWatch provides extensive coverage, as you can see in our next advantage.

2. Global reach

CEEMarketWatch, headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, got its start in 2004 by focusing on the emerging economies of Eastern Europe. Since that time, however, it has extended its areas of expertise to emerging markets in the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the euro area. You can quickly access reports on the emerging markets in more than 60 countries.

While the new normal in a post-COVID-19 world has not yet been defined, one fact is certain: circumstances will continue to evolve quickly. And that leads to another advantage of leveraging CEEMarketWatch Country Reports in your research.

3. Always-fresh insights

CEEMarketWatch offers extensive daily coverage compiled from local sources, as well as a weekly summary report covering the latest developments in the countries covered, ensuring you’re able to keep up with ongoing changes—whether you’re researching fiscal policies being introduced in response to the pandemic or following political manuevering in advance of or after a national election.

Because CEEMarketWatch provides timely coverage, the frequently refreshed content provides risk management professionals a distinct advantage as well.

4. Alert to risk factors

Two primary considerations in terms of country risk are macroeconomic and political factors. CEEMarketWatch offers extensive coverage of macroeconomic developments with easy to follow summaries and backgrounds to help you understand a situation from both a global and local point of view. CEEMarketWatch also keeps a close watch on politics within the emerging markets it covers, with an estimated 30% of report notes offering political analysis. This can be particularly useful in helping you unravel the complexities of local politics to understand who local decision makers are or identify new regulations that may impact your business.

The premium CEEMarketWatch content available goes beyond country reports, offering yet another advantage for users of our flagship research platform, Nexis®, as well as risk management professionals using Nexis Diligence™ and academic researchers using Nexis Uni®.

5. Hot topics coverage

CEEMarketWatch produces a high volume of content with its daily updates and weekly summaries, but it doesn’t end there. Their experts also offer special reports on country-specific hot topics, global hot topics like the current pandemic, and two ongoing special reports covering expectations and primary political players in local elections.

Have you taken advantage of the insight-driving reports available from CEEMarketWatch yet? Take a closer look and find out what you might be missing when it comes to research on emerging markets.