How to create research insights that your team can easily use

July 10, 2018 by Megan Burnside

No matter what your business, today’s customers expect content. They want to trust their business partners to be experts in the services and solutions they provide, and one of the most accepted and expected ways to earn that trust is through content.

How can you be sure you’re generating quality content that teams want to use?

First, Focus on Goals

Before you start to drill down to specific audiences, make sure you’ve aligned your high-level strategy to the business goals of your organisation. Ask for quarterly or even monthly meetings so that you can align to metrics, goals and performance expectations. By ensuring your content is tied to the objectives of the business, you’ll prove the value of content and help to achieve long-term success.

Next, Identify the Needs of Your Teams

Once you understand the role content should play at a macro level, it makes sense to develop a plan for key teams who will benefit from rich content. Here’s a snapshot of just a few:

  • Marketing – From understanding the competition to helping to better define your branding and positioning, content can empower marketers with the information they need to build relationships. Content can also demonstrate your organization’s insight into customer pain points and need states, further building partnerships that last.
  • Product Development – Leveraging consumer trends and technology advancements is key to success as teams innovate. Work with your product development group to ensure they are equipped with the latest insights on what various categories need and how to create it in the most effective and efficient way possible.

  • Human Resources – Whether your organisation is building company culture, sharing organisational changes or recruiting top talent, content helps HR professionals communicate with potential employees, current leaders and the industry in general in a way that is detailed, focused and brand-aligned.
  • Finance – Help your finance experts move the needle on investment opportunities by ensuring they have the latest market trends and financial data in hand.
  • Strategy – Content can by the difference between making short-term choices and long-term decisions. By giving your strategy team insights around your own industry and competitors, you can play a critical role in better decision-making. Tools like SWOT analyses, audits and other strategic point of view documents help to focus organisations and enhance growth.

As you work to finesse the role content plays in your organisation, be sure to align it to the specific needs of your critical teams. You’ll ensure that your company can move faster, smarter and with better information.

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