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Media Monitoring Tracker – Olympics 2016

See what media monitoring reveals about the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. 

Every four years, athletes gather together from around the world to compete in the world's leading international sporting event, the Olympic Games. As the games kick off, we are listening to the multitude of media conversations to understand what's being said about this year's games in Rio .See how LexisNexis Newsdesk® interactive charts depict the near real-time media coverage of the games below. 

Top Olympic Hopefuls

The top athletes are heading to Rio to break new records for their countries. See how the most popular athletes around the world compete in the media arena below. 

Share of Voice

Curious which brands are getting the most buzz? See how the Olympic partner brands are capturing the media's attention. Click on the brand name to see who is saying what about them.

Top Brand Hashtags

Check out the hottest hashtags coming from the Worldwide Olympic Partner brands on Twitter with our hashtag word cloud. Click on the hashtag to follow the conversation.

Top Brand Coverage

Follow the Worldwide Olympic Partner brands to see who is winning Gold, Silver and Bronze on social.

Zika Mentions

Leading up to the Olympic Games, the spread of the Zika virus has been an increasing concern, even a reason some athletes have cited for opting to stay home. The interactive map below shows where the conversations about Zika are coming from—click in to see what's being said.

Top Brand Article Sentiment

How does being a Worldwide Olympic Partner shape the story of your brand? Follow the media coverage of Coca-Cola along their journey, and see what positive, or negative, coverage the games can bring.
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