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EU Referendum Tracker

Should the UK leave or remain in the European Union? As the Brexit debate dominates news headlines and social media conversations we take a look at how the opposing campaigns are faring in the run up to the EU Referendum on 23 June. To give you the whole story, we have been tracking media coverage since the early stages of the opposing In/Out campaigns. Here, we bring you analysis on ‘Media Coverage Over Time’, ‘Share of Voice’ and ‘Article Sentiment’ using our database of print, online and social media. Charts update automatically every 15 minutes.

Media coverage over time

See how much media attention the EU Referendum is earning across print, online and social. Click on the data points to view related articles.

Share of voice

Leave or Remain - which campaign is dominating our headlines? Click to see who is taking part in the conversation.

Article sentiment analysis

The EU Referendum is stirring up opinions across the world. Our sentiment analysis tracks the proportion of positive, negative and neutral articles. Click the charts to view articles.

This analysis was powered by LexisNexis Newsdesk. Would you like dynamic analysis like this for your website, blog or other social media? Contact us to find out more.

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