LexisNexis Live Brexit Tracker

Are you braced for Brexit? Welcome to our LexisNexis live tracker following the topics, share of voice, sentiment and coverage of Brexit post the triggering of Article 50. Our live charts look at the previous 90 days of coverage and are interactive so dive in and take a look.

What are the main topics being discussed in association with Brexit? Click into the different topics on the bar chart to access the latest articles covering that topic.

When the result of the referendum was announced, discussion turned to what type of Brexit it would be. This was quickly delineated into two broad models: Hard Brexit or Soft Brexit, but which is gaining the most media mentions?

Click into the different sections of the pie chart above to access the latest articles referencing hard/soft Brexit.

Along with hard and soft Brexit, journalists and commentators have applied a variety of labels to different methods of withdrawal from the EU. This chart draws on these different references and subsequent coverage of the phrase. Click into the chart above to see the latest articles referencing these terms in relation to Brexit. Are there any we have missed?

This chart looks at the coverage of Theresa May and automated sentiment scoring towards her, in articles also referencing Brexit. Click into the chart above to see the latest articles about Brexit that have been identified as containing positive or negative sentiment towards Theresa May.

The above line graph looks at the coverage of Brexit over the last 90 days and associated sentiment. You'll see a peak when Theresa May announced on the 18th April that a General Election will be held on the 8th June. Click into the different data points in the graph to view the latest Brexit articles by sentiment.

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