Overview of Adarga

Adarga creates powerful AI analytics technology that helps you analyse all of your disparate data, to discover the deep insights that drive faster, better decisions.  Adarga’s mission is to enhance your ability to use information to make better decisions today, and their vision is to empower us all to realise the full potential of all available knowledge.

Issue / Challenge

Adarga needed a multisource information and news aggregator which was capable of providing information feeds at speed, at scale and with all the necessary legal credentials.

This need arose because their customers were interested in a huge range of different topics that needed to be covered by the best sources of information available. Adarga therefore needed to provide the widest pool of data possible to enable them to cater for the large variety of use cases their customers had.


Adarga spoke with data providers and accessed LexisNexis’ developer’s portal to check volumes and source listings. Adarga selected LexisNexis as their partner to support them in their journey, as they comprehensively met Adarga’s 5 requirements of information quality.

Adarga’s 5 criteria of information quality, and how they were successfully met by LexisNexis:

  • Completeness: Vast array of information sources to choose from: from Generic Global news feeds to local and specialised ones
  • Timeliness: API connection to allow for quasi-real time information processing
  • Relevance: Thematic classification of information feeds to support the discovery of “unknown unknowns”
  • Accuracy: Metadata around feed velocity and language to support the feed selection process
  • Reliability: License agreements with information providers to ensure copyright compliant information distribution and customer support quick turnaround


Adarga’s Intelligence Analysts were able to benefit from LexisNexis’ large source universe, and data enrichments on a daily basis as part of their daily workflow which included:

Intelligence Analyst Use Case

Data Need

LexisNexis Data Benefits

Request for information

Fast, reliable, complete, timely information collection

Information processing from licensed feeds with enrichments that include:

- Subject tags to monitor key events

- Geolocation mapping

Source classifications including Security, Defence, Politics & Cyber which align to Adarga’s priority use cases

Situation monitoring

Continuous, specialized and local information feeds

Quasi-real time document processing thanks to Rest API connection

Deep investigative workflow

To identify best information available about an entity and its networks, run searches in parallel

Thematic classification for fast identification of domain expert information feeds

Identification of source specific narrative

Check multiple sources (e.g. independent vs State - sponsored) and overlay to identify misinformation and fake news.

Vast source catalogue, (geo-classification, ranking, source type).

Additional benefits include the wide LexisNexis data pool, which makes Adarga extremely versatile and able to easily adapt our content offering to our different customers’ use cases, even the niche ones like Defence and Security.

The LexisNexis sources classification enables Adarga to be proactive and propose sources of information that our customers may be interested in but not aware of which obviously increases  satisfaction levels.

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