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ThumbnailYou know LexisNexis® as the trusted information provider, but did you know that you can access our content via API?

Drive efficiency by removing multiple desktop tools and get instant data via plug in and play APIs. 

Integrate the world's largest media data set to enhance your organisation's insights and benefit from:

  • Combining our content with your own solutions
  • Understanding the impact of news in your own systems
  • Building algorithms and conduct risk/media analysis
  • Driving great return on investment

Dive into data science or plan predictive analytics

Whether you're focused on a specific data set for data analysis, or a stream of global information for data mining - we offer real-time, historical, and insightful data to meet your business needs. Key features include:

  • Over 150 million unique global news articles and social media posts served a month
  • Over 85,000 news sources from 200 countries in over 90 languages
  • All articles are analysed, categorised and served with over 100 pieces of metadata
  • Custom source additions with new sources added every week
  • Coverage includes privately licensed sources

Our goal is to save you time and money. Our Data Integration Solutions enable you to:

Increase your sources

Access thousands of information sources while minimising the number of formats and interfaces needed to view them

Access content faster

Speed the process of content acquisition by having it delivered in real-time

Avoid copyright risks

Mitigate copyright risks associated with licensed content access

Minimise training

Minimise the training and support often required for multiple data tools

LexisNexis Archive

A unique opportunity to access over 40 years of licensed news content
The ideal option for customers with a one-time, short-term need to access a comprehensive collection of news sources for research analysis.
* Customers can choose which years of news archive to purchase
* Ideal for developing predictive models or testing an algorithm
* Provides large volumes of content over a specific time frame to analyse coverage of topics, people or trends

Web Services Kit

You want ultimate control over your searches across content
Allows developers to execute searches across LexisNexis content including our archived feeds, retrieve results and control all user interface decisions for integration into your existing platform.
* The only solution that allows "on-the-fly" search retrieval or historical retrieval
* Provides a limited set of data, filtered by topic or search for internal platform integration
* Ideal for organisations that run scheduled searches for updated results or large volumes of matching data

LexisNexis Metabase

You need to know all things current with news and social media streams
For customers looking to ingest and integrate a large number of articles, posts and content through a single API for powering
real-time analytics or applications. 

* Extract business intelligence insights from coverage across all major languages and countries
* Expand your research with access to 3.5 million news articles and social media posts every day in approximately 100 languages
* lngest social media and news into your own application
* Filter with existing interfaces

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