Mitigate business risks with LexisNexis® due diligence solutions

Due Diligence The value in due diligence and monitoring solutions are the insights that result from them. 

With Lexis Nexis you gain access to powerful business intelligence tools and the world's largest source of aggregated information including people, companies and countries. 

Minimise risk and stay compliant by maximising the data that supports your most critical business decisions.

Lexis Diligence®

Conduct more efficient due diligence by working in one interface that contains all of the necessary business information.In this simple and intuitive tool, you will have access to all regulatory data needed to ensure ongoing compliance.

Diligence Spotter

Diligence Spotter is a dynamic workflow solution that allows you to manage cases, screen third parties, set risk profiles, and assess risk.

Your organisation can operate with confidence in the automated processes, which will automatically increase efficiencies.

LexisNexis® Entity Insight

Conduct ongoing risk media monitoring against a PESTLE framework to help identify supplier and third- party risk sooner. 

This cost effective, off the shelf solution gives access to premium content and enables customised risk scoring to empower your business.


BatchNameCheck® gives you daily screening results and reports that help you identify and escalate entities that pose a potential risk to your organisation.

It is a secure, efficient and cost-effective solution for integrated name checking of current and new entities and can be used for ad-hoc or high-volume batch searches against PEP, sanction and watch list databases.

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