LexisNexis® Due Diligence and Compliance Solutions

Conduct more efficient due diligence checks by working in one interface that contains all of the necessary business information.

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Mitigate Your Business Risks

The value in due diligence and compliance monitoring solutions are the insights that result from them, but, you also need to ensure the integrity of your due diligence checks and compliance searches remains intact.

With LexisNexis you gain access to powerful due diligence tools and the world's largest source of aggregated information including people, companies and countries.  Read more

Diligence Product Guide

Get the details on a due-diligence solution that brings all the intelligence together in one place to help you reduce risk and improve decision-making.

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Due diligence and compliance solutions

Nexis Diligence

Conduct more efficient due diligence checks by working in one interface that contains all of the necessary business information. In this simple and intuitive due diligence tool, you will have access to all regulatory data needed to ensure ongoing compliance.

Nexis® Data as a Service

Integrate the data you need into your mission-critical risk mitigation applications with LexisNexis EDDM Data as a Service (DaaS).

By tapping into the trusted data available from LexisNexis, you can conduct due diligence and continuous monitoring of key customers, business partners, vendors, suppliers and other third parties that your company relies on.

Diligence Spotter

Diligence Spotter is a dynamic workflow solution that allows you to manage cases, screen third parties, set risk profiles, and assess risk.

Your organisation can operate with confidence in the automated processes, which will automatically increase efficiencies.

LexisNexis® Entity Insight

Conduct ongoing risk media monitoring against a PESTLE framework to help identify supplier and third- party risk sooner. The alerts capability helps users achieve greater risk awareness by delivering relevant monitoring results directly to the people who need it.

This cost-effective, off-the-shelf solution gives access to premium content and enables customised risk scoring to empower your business.


BatchNameCheck® gives you daily screening results and reports that help you identify and escalate entities that pose a potential risk to your organisation.

It is a secure, efficient, and cost-effective due diligence solution for integrated name checking of current and new entities, and can be used for ad-hoc or high-volume batch searches against PEP, sanction, and watch list databases.

Due Diligence Resources

The Nexis Diligence™Content Advantage

Nexis Diligence encompasses thousands of sources. Keep exploring to read highlights on key categories of information, what’s covered and why it matters to your due diligence process.

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Get critical intelligence with help from Nexis Diligence

Nexis Diligence™ helps you mitigate reputational, regulatory, financial and strategic risk by connecting you to critical intelligence needed to vet your customers, suppliers, partners, acquisition targets, contractors, resellers, grant applicants, and other associates effectively and efficiently.

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Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Data

Enhancing Entity Due Diligence and Corporate Transparency with Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Data

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Whitepaper: EU 5 AMLD

Learn more about the European 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive, the impact on your business and how you can meet the regulatory requirements.

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Checklist: LexisNexis Due Diligence

A due diligence checklist takes you step-by-step through the information you need in order to carry out a thorough investigation

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Risk Mitigation Buyer's Guide

Do you have the right technology in place to successfully manage risk?

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Customer Case Studies

Click the logos below to explore the business needs of these organisations, and the solution and benefits that Diligence – our flagship compliance product provided. Start your free trial or request more information using the form below.

With around 99,000 people working across 100 countries worldwide, GSK is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.

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SP Angel Corporate Finance is active across a range of sectors and countries, and has successfully completed IPOs and secondary fundraisings for AIM listed and other companies as well as advising on a range of corporate finance and M&A transactions.

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Based in the United Kingdom, Currency Matters is a leading foreign currency exchange broker, specialising in international payments.

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