Data as a Service for Due Diligence

Integrate the data you need into your mission-critical risk mitigation applications with LexisNexis EDDM Data as a Service (DaaS).

By tapping into the trusted data available from LexisNexis, you can conduct due diligence and continuous monitoring of key customers, business partners, vendors, suppliers and other third parties that your company relies on.

We bring together a range of data ideal for predictive analytics used to identify the reputational, financial, regulatory and strategic risks your company faces, including:

  • Comprehensive licensed global news data, with an archive going back more than 30 years for some publishers, to improve visibility to relevant negative news
  • Extensive web-harvested news, blogs and social media to track potential reputational risks and identify emerging trends
  • Business and industry information including financial details, as well as corporate families data offering insights into beneficial ownership
  • Sanctions, watchlists, and PEPs for timely awareness into regulatory risks
  • Legal information ranging from court dockets to full-text global patents data

Improve Your Due Diligence Checking

Go global in your due diligence process with our extensive archives and news searches. Your risk can be minimised when you know who you're doing business with. Nexis Diligence lets you search through our extensive database to ensure the company, vendor, supplier, partner, or client you are about to associate with is above board.

Get the Full Story

Nexis Diligence is so much more than just an online due diligence tool. The easy interface lets you access vital information – anytime, anywhere. Want to ensure there are minimal skeletons in the closet of the vendor you're vetting? Accelerate your research by predefining a list of negative search words. Want to see if your associated partners have done business with a specific company? Use corporate hierarchy data to reveal any relationships between unrelated businesses.

Stay Above Board

Search news archives going back 40 years. International, national, and regional newspapers, magazines, journals, newswires, and broadcast transcripts. It’s an excellent way to ensure that your company is not unknowingly doing business with a blacklisted company and a great way to steer clear of additional fines and damage to your reputation.

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