IntegraCheck® | Integrity Due Diligence for Management of Advanced Risk


When your basic due diligence checks flag an entity risk, it’s vital that you escalate and develop enhanced due diligence procedures. This is especially true when risk levels warrant more in-depth investigating – you need to be sure you have advanced due diligence in place for full protection.

LexisNexis® has entered into an alliance with due diligence experts The Red Flag Group. Our goal has been to develop an advanced solution to support bespoke due diligence investigations.

The solution – IntegraCheck | Integrity Due Diligence – addresses integrity and compliance risks posed by threats ranging from third parties working on your behalf to joint ventures, suppliers and beyond.

Why The Red Flag Group?

The Red Flag Group brings unmatched experience in outsourced due diligence investigations, with over 500,000 company or individual reports completed in 45 languages. Offering extensive on-the-ground coverage for local and international laws and regulations, they are experts in due diligence services.

What Does an IntegraCheck Report Cover?

With five different levels of reports, you can select the depth of due diligence reporting appropriate to the risk level. Reports can cover anti-corruption and anti-bribery, third-party screening, company background checks, ethics and corporate social responsibility checks and more.

Compliance Training

As compliance and integrity risk experts, The Red Flag Group provides a customised and interactive learning solution for your compliance training, helping you take it to the next level. You will achieve higher engagement rates and create a more positive reaction among your participants, leading to a greater acceptance of your compliance training initiative.

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