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Globalisation has opened many doors, allowing organisations to access a wider range of suppliers, expand into new markets and spur business growth. At the same time, however, it has also increased risk exposure.

Whether you are a compliance specialist or procurement professional, mitigating risk across vast supply chains or third-party networks poses a challenge. 

LexisNexis® offers a range of flexible, cost-effective solutions—backed by best-in-class global news, company, regulatory and legal content. Our tools enable you to assess risk potential and conduct due diligence and on-going monitoring.

Lexis Diligence®

Conduct due diligence research of potential clients, business partners, suppliers and other third parties and maintain a clear audit trail of your research with a custom report builder.


Mitigate third-party risk more efficiently with automated screening against critical global watch lists, sanctions and PEP databases, as well as negative news.

LexisNexis® Entity Insight

Spot third-party risk sooner with a flexible, risk-based monitoring solution that scores adverse media about your key customers, suppliers and other third parties based on your organisation's unique risk concerns.

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