Your due diligence checklist: Are you asking the right questions?

  • What countries do you conduct business in?
  • Which foreign laws are relevant to your business?
  • How much risk can be foreseen in doing business with this third party?
  • Are there any PEPs involved in the commercial relationship?

Our cost-effective and flexible product modules include:

  • PEP, sanctions, watch list and negative news screening
  • Enhanced due diligence and reporting
  • Proactive supply-chain and third-party risk media monitoring
  • Outsourced due diligence, compliance and risk advisory
  • Content integration and data feeds (APIs) into proprietary systems

We give you the confidence to make trusted, informed business decisions.

Lexis Nexis provides cost-efficient due diligence reporting solutions for you to access and analyse individual, company, industry, regulatory, and legal information.

Protect your company with tools that pull quality, real-time data from over 40,000 data sources. With Lexis Nexis, you are getting access to billions of searchable documents and records that allow you to make trusted, informed business decisions.

Screen Customers and Suppliers

Screen and monitor individuals, companies, countries, and more all from one convenient source

Measure and Weigh Risks

Set up alerts and reports that filter only the most relevant content that you need, so you can weigh your choices properly.

Uncover Critical Industry Insights

Quickly and efficiently search trusted news and data that is aggregated globally, on a daily basis for PEP, watch list and negative news screening