LexisNexis® Entity Insight

  • Efficient risk monitoring
  • Customised risk scoring
  • Premium content access
  • Empowered decisions

Proactively monitor suppliers and third parties with LexisNexis® Entity Insight

Supplier and third-party risk doesn’t disappear once you’ve completed your due diligence. The risk landscape is constantly evolving, and LexisNexis Entity Insight helps you monitor for emerging threats so you can take preemptive action when needed.

Strengthen your supplier risk management process

As supply chains become increasingly complex, you need supply chain monitoring tools that empower you to spot potential problems quickly and easily so you can reduce risk exposure. Introducing LexisNexis Entity Insight, a fast, efficient and cost effective solution for proactively monitoring local and global suppliers and third-party business partners. It sets a new industry standard by helping you manage risk in your supplier and third-party portfolio ahead of a financial stress score.

LexisNexis Entity Insight is an easy to use on-line supplier risk management tool that helps you:

  • Proactively monitor for various types of risk including Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Legal and Environmental
  • Access comprehensive global news content to proactively monitor supply chain and be alerted to potential supply chain disruptions
  • Complement conventional credit scoring, to spot supplier risks sooner and take preemptive actions
  • Quickly spot risks in your supply chain through a color-coded dashboard and lets you drill down to specific supplier issues in seconds
  • Monitor thousands of suppliers—from critical to not so critical, and even down to the raw material level, so you get a complete view of your entire supply chain
  • Provide actionable intelligence to your entire organization by easily integrating risk monitoring with your Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other internal systems via RSS feeds.
  • Conduct supplier risk analysis with confidence knowing your monitoring a collection of relevant news, company and market intelligence not easily discovered on the open web.
  • Minimize supply chain disruption, prevent litigation and protect their corporate brand

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Find out how LexisNexis® Entity Insight can help you improve supplier risk management process, manage risk more effectively and gain better visibility into your supply chain and third-party portfolio.

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