Gain insight into every patent portfolio

F&E Strategy

Optimise your innovations through a clearly defined IP business strategy and receive information on newcomers and potential partners.

Competitive observation & benchmarking

Base your decisions on competitive factors and the measured actual performance of patent portfolios. Use industry-proven KPIs to keep an eye on progress.

Portfolio optimisation

Find answers to key questions. Define your country strategy. Increase your portfolio efficiency and identify competitive advantages and weaknesses.

Revolutionary technology scouting

You identify revolutionary innovations and promising start-ups and thus gain competitive advantages.

M&A and due diligence

Efficiently assess the value and risk of acquisitions or alternatives and analyse portfolios for key patents, technological suitability and answers to critical IP questions.

Licensing & monetisation

By analysing all patent portfolios in all technologies, you can assess your most valuable patents for licensing as well as identify potential licensees.

How LexisNexis PatentSight® supports you

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Safe & reliable

  • Our patent experts, economists and IT engineers ensure that our platform always meets the latest IP management requirements.
  • The harmonisation of ownership and current information on the legal situation ensure that you get an accurate overview of the patent landscape.
  • We support you. We are only satisfied when YOU are.



  • Create workflows and save or share them with your colleagues as predefined workbooks.
  • Export your analysis into a clear presentation with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Integrate data from internal lists or third-party software.

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  • Fast: There is no limit to the amount of data to be analysed.
  • User-friendly: Drag & amp; Drop you can easily create filters, reports and charts.
  • Flexible: Analyse extensive portfolios, complete technology areas or research down to individual patents.

Patent Asset Index

The patent asset index methodology

The patent asset index of a patent portfolio is defined as the total performance of all patents contained in the portfolio. The performance of each individual patent is measured using the Competitive Impacts ™. The competitive impact consists of two dimensions: Technology Relevance ™ and Market Coverage ™.

Technology Relevance™

Technology Relevance

The technology relevance is based on forward citations. The patent offices examine all patent applications to determine which previous patents new inventions are based on. If a patent is of importance to technical development in a particular area, subsequent patents will build on it and the original patent is often referred to as prior art by patent offices.

Technology Relevance measures whether a patent was cited more often than other patents from the same technology area and year. The total number of patent citations received depends not only on the relevance of the patented invention, but also on the time that has elapsed since publication of the patent has expired. Recently published patents tend to receive far fewer citations than older patents. The time dependency of citations is corrected by dividing the number of citations of a patent by the average number of all citations of Patents published in the same year is divided.

The technology relevance also takes into account that international patent offices follow different citation rules.

Market Coverage™

Market Coverage

Market coverage measures the entire scope of the global market for which patent protection exists. The more patents companies have in major markets, indicated by high market coverage values, the more valuable the patents are, since innovators are more concerned with protection through patents on several Spend markets when they believe an invention is more valuable.

The extent of international patent protection is therefore an important indicator of the value of a patent. The market coverage is calculated on the basis of the granted and registered, i.e. valid patents per country and corrected depending on the size of the respective market. The size of each market will be estimated based on the gross national income of countries as the largest economic power in relation to US gross national income Alternatively, the market coverage can also be calculated on the basis of industry-specific data on the market size.

Competitive Impact™

Competitive Impact

The competitive impact is the economic value of the patents, measured by their technological relevance and market coverage. It is given in comparison to other patents in the same area. For example, a value of three means that the patent is three times more important than the average Patent in this area.

Patent Asset Index™


The Patent Asset Index is the measure of the overall performance of the patent portfolio, calculated as the sum of the competitive impacts of all patents contained in the portfolio.

Industry leaders trust LexisNexis ® PatentSight ®


Seven of the ten most innovative chemical companies based on R&D spending use PatentSight and the Patent Asset Index ™, for example to communicate with investors and assess their patent strategy.


In the pharmaceutical industry, the Patent Asset Index ™ is used as an early indicator of product success. The Patent Asset Index ™ increases even before the product is launched

Automotive industry

Due to the rapid development of new technologies, such as e-mobility and autonomous driving, and new market participants, there is a great need for advanced analysis tools in the automotive industry.


Companies calculate the Patent Asset Index ™ for each of their technology areas in order to determine the market share and technological strengths of, for example, merging companies.

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