How IP DataDirect Patents Can Help You

IP DataDirect-Patents is LexisNexis' raw patent data platform. It builds on the same stock of patent content as all LexisNexis solutions for intellectual property (IP), for example LexisNexis ® TotalPatent One ™ .

IP DataDirect Patents gives you access to a unique, industry-leading collection of international patent documents from over 100 patent offices around the world. The documents are available in full text from 32 offices. The service offers extensive and up-to-date patent data from various Sources are compiled worldwide and made available in the latest international standard format of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) - XML ST.36. The IP DataDirect patents patent data are used in analysis tools on various internationally known patent search platforms and used by companies that want to manage and maintain their own internal patent solutions.

IP DataDirect patents can be accessed through a combination of automated provisioning mechanisms. It enables easy integration into the data generation workflow in your company. The system is designed as a solution for customers with high download volumes. It has various functions for the retrieval of data and for the acquisition of various status and inventory information.

All options are designed so that you can develop your own application around IP DataDirect patents and choose from various implementation options, from loose to very tight integration.

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Properties of IP DataDirect patents

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  • Comprehensive patent information from a single source
    Find exactly the patent information you need. IP   DataDirect-Patents provides extensive patent data from around the world. With the help of advanced data generation processes and sophisticated database management creates the largest collection of intellectual property claims in an international patent database.
  • Millions of patent documents - in one place
    Make sure you don't miss any important data. IP DataDirect Patents comprises more than 100 million fully searchable, multi-page, compressed PDF patent documents with bookmarks for comfortable navigation within the document.
  • Advanced content for better research
    Benefit from more extensive and detailed content. IP DataDirect Patents provides additional elements such as machine translations, references, legal status and family information.
  • Targeted information and results
    Take full advantage of the extensive patent information from IP DataDirect patents. The service provides specific information depending on the customer's requirements and presents the results in the standardized XML ST.36 format.
  • Provision and update patent files for easy access
    Get your results when you need them. With IP DataDirect patents, patent back files are stored on writable media. Updates are available by using one of the following options provided: SOAP / HTTP / REST API, URL (http / s), FTP access, encrypted, unique URL with e-mail delivery.

Your advantages

  • Light or more extensive query functions for simple integration or complex application scenarios.
  • Comprehensive information from the database providers ensures the best possible coverage.
  • Subscriptions to new publications and updates to existing fonts allow you to keep your collection up to date in every respect.
  • High user friendliness and a large range of functions as well as good scalability without driving up costs.
  • Secure Access Methods   enable you to allow subscribers to have restricted access in a secure manner.
  • Flexible application and billing models.
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