Review patent specifications and reduce legal risks


Review and compare claims from a number of documents.

Patent weaknesses

Uncover possible weaknesses in patent applications.

Patent citations

Include formatted patent citations on Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) forms.

Patent legal status

Find out the legal status and relevant case law.

This is how PatentOptimizer® supports you

PatentOptimizer® helps you to reduce legal risks and work more efficiently by checking patent specifications.

PatentOptimizer® is a solution for the creation of patent applications and for support in patent disputes as well as during the patent granting process. The software supports you in writing consistent, precise and well coordinated US patent applications . The tool also performs important quality control tasks when drafting patents and overseeing the design process.

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Properties of PatentOptimizer®

  • TechnologyAccuracy and Consistency Check
    Use PatentOptimizer® to check the accuracy and consistency Review patent applications for claims, parts, literature, and terms.
  • Comparison of patent applications
    Analyse text documents in comparison to other patent applications and connect the application with relevant literature.
  • Checking the sources of citations
    Search immediately for the source references for patent citations for your grant or application and check the relevant bibliographical information.
  • Comparison and research of claim components
    Compare claim components, terms and formulations in several documents. Research certain claim components (Claim on Parts) in the state of the art and create one Claims hierarchy.
  • Review of terms and formulations
    Make a list of cases with references to or interpretations of key terms and phrases in your patent document. PatentOptimizer® can read terms from the user's dictionaries recognise and report.
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