How LexisNexis TotalPatent One® supports you

Thorough patent research is often time-consuming and resource-intensive. It doesn't have to be!

The patent research tool TotalPatent One® supports you in developing and protecting your intellectual property. We provide you with the largest international patent database for your patent research. The collection contains searchable full-text and bibliographic information as well as the most comprehensive archive for images, citations, legal status and patent families.

When it comes to innovation and intellectual property protection, you need a resource that allows you to conduct accurate and dynamic patent research.

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Patent research with LexisNexis TotalPatent One®

Benefits of TotalPatent One®

  • Efficient search in multiple languages
    With a single search query for your patent research, you have access to the most extensive patent collection in the world. You can view the search results in TotalPatent One® sorted by family and optionally remove duplicates. Searches are possible in the original language of the property right or in a machine-generated English translation - from French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish and Swedish. Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese patents can be searched in the English language.
  • Targeted searches
    The search for beginners or advanced users, the semantic search or the search for notes or publications makes TotalPatent One® suitable for a wide variety of target groups and research purposes. With the help of various search fields and a number of operators and placeholders, very targeted search queries can be made in order to obtain precise results.
  • Observe industries
    The alert function of TotalPatent One® keeps you up to date: Freedom-To-Operate searches (FTO) in the case of new technical developments, monitoring of patent applications by competitors, observation of pending legal proceedings and changes in the legal status and the state of the art (SDT). The database is constantly updated and supplemented with searchable full texts and bibliographic information, citations, information on legal status and collections of patent families.
  • Create analysis quickly and easily
    With the integrated analysis tools, graphics and bar charts can be created online directly in TotalPatent One ® . When analysing up to three result data sets, you can go in-depth and with an interactive one Diagram Identify documents that overlap or are unique.

Patent Research

  • Export results
    Your results can be exported to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, CSV and other leading formats including BizInt   Smart   Charts. Select the layout options that best suit you to display the results in the preferences.
  • Identify new innovation potential
    The world's largest collection of searchable full-text and bibliographic patent databases is available to help you develop new concepts with greater security
  • Easy access to related sources & Tools
    Direct links from TotalPatent One ® to other relevant sources such as Chisum on Patents, CourtLink ®, PatentOptimizer®, Scopus ®, Patent Research Task Pages, facilitate patent work.
  • No loading times
    TotalPatent One ® is a single-page web application. This way, loading times can be minimized.
  • No limitations
    With the new Infinite Scroll you can filter a complete set of results at once.
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