Nexis® Social Analytics

Social Analytics

Nexis® Social Analytics (powered by Talkwalker) is a social media monitoring and data intelligence tool empowering brands and agencies to make business decisions based on social insights.

With real-time social media monitoring, never miss a conversation about your brand, products or competitors. You can identify patterns, follow trends, assess performance gaps and even track return on investment of your campaigns.

With efficient social media reporting you can now highlight successes and areas worthy of attention, and share insights quickly and easily across your organisation with those that matter most.

Monitoring social media around the globe

Tap into the full spectrum of social conversations. Listen to your customers on every channel, in every language, online and offline. Get the most comprehensive coverage of owned and earned media across 150 million websites, 10+ social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Weibo and YouTube. Track print outlets, TV and radio broadcasts globally and monitor results in 187 languages with automated in-platform translation.

Proprietary image recognition technology

Today, 80% of social media posts contain images. Building an effective social strategy is impossible without image recognition. Use our revolutionary technology to stay on top of every mention of your brand. Leverage the only social analytics solution that lets you analyse both images and text in one platform. Uncover business opportunities through visual insights on your brand logo plus the 30,000+ brands in our database.

Superior social analytics capabilities

Your customers aren't just demographics and sentiment numbers. Your social campaigns are much more than reach and engagement. Find an edge with our unique features such as the virality map, pre-defined use case dashboards, smart theme detection, social channel analytics and much more. Replicate a viral campaign with our one-of-a-kind Virality Map and latch on to trends at the right moment with our Trending Score.

Media Monitoring

Nexis® Media Monitoring and Media Intelligence Solutions

Social is key that's why it is important to identify influencers and know your brand mentions. Insights derived from Social Analytics allow companies to craft optimal communication and business strategies.

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Distribute valuable insights with LexisNexis®

Our Social Analytics solutions enable you to share the kind of business insights that your audiences need, in the formats they prefer. Create dashboards on our easy-to-use platform to share social insights, track campaign coverage, and brand mentions.

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Nexis® Media Intelligence Research & Analytics

You may not realise it but all forms of media, even the newer ones can be explained through data and numbers. This is where a reliable social analytics solution comes in. Our easy-to-use social analytics platform offers advanced functionality at cost-effective rates, including identifying influencers, tracking conversations, map virality, and more.

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Nexis® Media Contacts Solution

Our Social Analytics platform can help you identify influencers, track the virality of your campaigns and better understand your social audience. This allows you to manage reliable news monitoring and analytics across a worldwide collection of print, broadcast, and digital media.

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Nexis Newsdesk

Get the full story beyond paid media and the open web with our social analytics tool. Hear every conversation that matters, identify influencers, and track campaign performance with the help of our Social Analytics tool.

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Improve brand awareness with LexisNexis®

Find out how LexisNexis® solutions can support your brand management strategies and prove the value of PR. Let our Social Analytics platform help you find and identify influencers, track the virality of your campaigns, and better understand your social audience.

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Protect and monitor your brand's reputation with LexisNexis® solutions

Allow our Nexis® Social Analytics help you find and identify influencers, track the virality of your campaigns, and better understand your social audience. Monitor your brand mentions and amplify your message to better manage the reputation of your brand.

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