LexisNexis Media Monitoring Services

  • Stay on top of industry trends
  • Maximise your awareness of brand conversations
  • Monitor your online reputation
  • Powered by 40,000 data sources
  • Real-time monitoring of media including news, social, company information

Monitor and share vital media trends

Media monitoring services need to do more than just gather information. Our platforms also support your analysis and reporting needs, allowing you to maintain media coverage without losing focus on making smart business decisions.

Our media intelligence services allow you to identify and respond to potential opportunities and crises by maintaining real-time coverage of your brand, ensuring that you stay one step ahead of the game.

Amass Press Clippings

Cut through the clutter of information to find out what's being said about your company.

Keep Guard of Media Desk

Monitor the key news and events taking place in your industry from one platform.

Spot Trends Quickly

Stay on top of social media and online news coverage with social listening feeds providing real-time updates and alerts.

LexisNexis Newsdesk®

Media monitoring made easy. With the Newsdesk® platform, you can apply granular filters to ensure that the content and data you receive is relevant and valuable to you.

On top of monitoring your brand, Newsdesk can produce tangible and actionable reports and analysis that can be easily communicated and shared across your organisation.

LexisNexis® Social Analytics

Competitive media monitoring should involve more than just industry research; it is essential to track where the daily conversations happen—social media. Our LexisNexis® Social Analytics tool is powered by Talkwalker, the #1 social media analytics platform. See how you stack up against competitors, track your mentions or campaign hashtags globally, and optimise your communication efforts.

LexisNexis Metabase

Glean business intelligence insights from the most comprehensive, global content collection in the industry. In addition to providing highly targeted collection and filtering of media data, Metabase allows you to deliver greater value by powering your research or analytics platform with a single XML feed.

LexisNexis® Media Intelligence Research & Analytics

In addition to our media monitoring products, our team of professional analysts, consultants, and project managers are on board to help you understand your media data, achieve your goals, and drive actionable insights and intelligence for your business.

LexisNexis® Media Contacts Solution

With today's rapidly evolving media landscape, it's important to stay current with the outlets and contacts best suited to earn you publicity on your story. LexisNexis Media Contacts Solution allows you to identify relevant publications, outlets, journalists, bloggers, and social media influencers to help amplify your message.