Introducing Nexis Data as a Service

Experience Nexis ®Data as a Service from LexisNexis® , a trusted data provider connecting organisations to an unrivalled content collection of news, business and legal sources for more than four decades. We offer bulk, constant call data APIs and on premises applications for delivering highly relevant, archival and current datasets to power your big data projects.

Strengthen your Data Discovery

Whether your company wants to undertake brand data research, conduct financial trend analysis or develop machine learning algorithms, you need relevant, high-quality, normalised big data, enriched with metadata, and delivered via an easy-to-integrate API from an experienced content aggregator.

Easy-to-integrate data APIs

Our global team of content experts works to provide an unrivalled collection of text-based data covering archival news data, company information, legal, and regulatory data. With a flexible, easy-to-implement data API, you can spend less time data wrangling and more time achieving actionable intelligence from your trend analysis, predictive analytics, and other big data projects.

Bulk API

allows you to subscribe to ATOM, XML-based semi-structured data feeds of news, legal and regulatory content at the publication level—with a data archive reaching back more than 30 years—to deliver a large volume of content for historical analysis, predictive modeling and more.


offers access to enhanced functions—search, retrieve, saved searches and work folders—within your own user interface, so you can access the full LexisNexis content set and retrieve data on demand.

Constant call API

empowers ongoing monitoring of specific datasets, such as PEPs and watchlists for proactive risk management.

With a history of innovation and established technology pedigree, LexisNexis continues to push the boundaries of cutting-edge technologies and develop intelligent algorithms to support the needs of the data-driven companies of today and the future.

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