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Experience Nexis ®Data as a Service, a trusted data provider, connecting organisations to an unrivalled content collection of news, business and legal sources for more than four decades. We offer both bulk & restful data APIs as well as on-premises applications for delivering highly relevant, archival and current datasets to power your big data projects.

How will you use Nexis Data as a Service?

Data lies at the heart of digital transformation. Whether forecasting with predictive analytics or conducting trend analysis, improving competitive intelligence or ensuring accuracy and compliance, we provide the complementary third-party data your organisation needs to make strategic, data-driven decisions. Enhance your data analysis and business intelligence with data that can be trusted, accessed and analysed when and how it’s needed with Nexis® Data as a Service.

Our Data Management Strategy

LexisNexis® has developed a smart data process that turns the content in our world-leading database into “premium fuel” powering both our cloud-based research platforms and our Data as a Service offerings. Click graphic to enlarge.

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Delivering our Data as a Service

Our global team of data scientists work to provide an unrivalled collection of text-based data covering archival news data, company information, legal datasets, and regulatory data. With a flexible, easy-to-implement data API, you can spend less time data wrangling and more time achieving actionable business intelligence from your trend analysis, due diligence, predictive analytics, and other big data projects.

Bulk API

Bulk delivery options deliver semi-structured news, legal and regulatory content reaching back more than 30 years. These deliver large volumes of content for historical analysis, predictive modelling and more.


Search and Retrieve APIs offer access to a wide variety of datasets with search and retrieve functionality, on-going monitoring and post-search filters to further refine your search results.

About Data as a Service

DaaS can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be for the business owner. By giving business owners access to such a vast collection of content, you can access many benefits. Here are a few of the common questions asked regarding Data as a Service and Nexis®.

What is Data as a Service?

Data as a Service gives businesses access to data, which they invest in as a service. Traditionally, companies have managed data storage internally. However in today’s fast-evolving landscape of digital, data storage and data security is more difficult. For that reason, many businesses outsource the management of complex data—reducing cost and effort in the process.

Data as a Service allows you to access global data at the click of a button, as you glean business intelligence to make data-driven decisions. Nexis® Data as a Service includes content such as text, sound files, images and videos—across a source universe of over 80,000.

Delegate your data management, storage and security with Nexis® DaaS. We take on the risks and responsibilities of Big Data management, so you can receive data on any device wherever you are, wherever you need it.

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) enables our customers to connect to our world-class database, in a format that suits their existing applications. APIs act as a messenger between two applications, allowing them to communicate without knowing how the other application is implemented. An API delivers your request to the provider, and then delivers information back to you. There are APIs available for nearly every machine or system which interacts with other applications.

Over the years, our data scientists have refined our cloud-based API: resulting in a high-speed technology solution which aggregates relevant data from a wide selection of sources and topics. Our API curates content to support in-depth analysis of trends and developments, helping you remain at the forefront of your industry and driving business growth.

What are the benefits of Data as a Service?

There are many benefits associated with Data as a Service, and Big Data in particular. Data as a Service will allow you to access global data that you would otherwise be unable to manage or store within your business. Data management systems such as Nexis® DaaS offer complex data APIs able to process high volumes of data, delivering valuable insights. These insights inform strategic business decisions, allowing you to act with awareness and intent.

Additional benefits of outsourcing data management may include:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • New product development and research
  • Predictive analytics
  • Early identification and tracking of trends

Who may need Data as a Service?

Data as a Service is used across a number of industries, as complex data can have a number of applications. These are some of the main ways that Nexis® DaaS is used:

  • Financial professionals use Big Data for assistance in trend analysis, and to conduct quant modelling with the aid of Big Data. Big Data powers predictive analytics, which are based on event or price correlations.
  • Corporate data scientists take advantage of Nexis® DaaS APIs to access data in different forms, as well as evaluating market and product trends and powering machine learning.
  • Risk and supply management teams use Big Data for global news analysis to support due diligence, and risk monitoring and mitigation. Analyzing data from watchlists and sanctions provides additional support in this area.
  • PR, marketing and sales departments can curate news and social media content which relates to their brands, competitors and customers.
  • Academic researchers can support research and innovation with archival and current data, and trend analysis.

What is included in Data as a Service?

Nexis® Data as a Service is easily integrated into your business’ existing applications, being highly advanced and customisable. Data as a Service includes the capacity for predictive analytics, quantitative financial modelling and machine learning.

Our News API include all the premium data that organisations need and deserve. These source-rich data sets include:

  • Domestic and global news and commentary
  • Business, industry and legal intelligence
  • Magazines and trade publications
  • Radio and television transcripts
  • Intellectual property (IP) and patents data
  • Press releases and newswires.

Why choose Nexis® for Data as a Service?

There are a number of providers offering Data as a Service—why is Nexis® a leader in the field?

Nexis® DaaS is the result of decades of experience in data management strategy. We have a proven track record for innovation, giving our customers cutting-edge API technology.

Our content collection is unparalleled in the Data as a Service industry, and draws from over 80,000 sources with 4.5 million documents added every day. Nexis® DaaS spans 75 languages across over 100 countries, covering 80 million companies and over 13,000 topics.

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