Access flexible data APIs

Nexis® DaaS lets you access smart data through flexible API options that easily integrate with your analytics or applications. The APIs and platform options to choose from are each designed for a specific data use case—be it trend analysis, event-based triggers, financial modeling, Natural Language Processing (NLP) development or machine learning.  Read more

Delivering our Data as a Service

Our global team of data scientists work to provide an unrivalled collection of text-based data covering archival news data, company information, legal datasets, and regulatory data. With a flexible, easy-to-implement data API, you can spend less time data wrangling and more time achieving actionable business intelligence from your trend analysis, due diligence, predictive analytics, and other big data projects.

Bulk API

Bulk delivery options deliver semi-structured news, legal and regulatory content reaching back more than 30 years. These deliver large volumes of content for historical analysis, predictive modelling and more.


Search and Retrieve APIs offer access to a wide variety of datasets with search and retrieve functionality, on-going monitoring and post-search filters to further refine your search results.

Access curated & relevant datasets

With our News API, you can use any one of our APIs to access enriched, normalised big data curated to meet your needs. And you maintain complete control over how the data is searched, delivered and maintained.

Enhance your AI applications

Our APIs grant access to alternative data sources, expanding the news datasets your AI and machine learning applications use and analyze to reveal actionable information or trigger data-driven events.

Data for historical analysis

Leverage our bulk delivery option for on-premise access to semi-structured data, ready for immediate use.

Data on demand within your own interface

APIs make creating intuitive search and retrieve functions possible in your own applications and workflows—meaning you can explore and utilize the unmatched wealth of data in Nexis DaaS on demand, in one place.

Empower ongoing monitoring for proactive risk management

Nexis DaaS offers APIs that let you monitor specific datasets, such as adverse media and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) watchlists. You can quickly be alerted to any developments that impact your organization, so that swift action can be taken.

Work with an experienced partner

Use our APIs to embed the same trusted, authoritative intelligence legal and business professionals have relied on for 40+ years directly into vital business applications.

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