Big Data Sets

Big data, as the name may suggest, is a collection of data so vast that it is difficult to process using traditional techniques. While big datasets demand technology with greater faculties of analysis, they present the opportunity to gain greater insights, tackling bigger problems than humans alone have had the capacity to in the past.

The web represents a vast mine of data in a variety of forms, which grows in size and velocity with each day. With this sheer scope of data comes great potential for analysis and insights: a big dataset pulls content from diverse locations and contains systematic, partially structured or unstructured data. Big datasets call for increasingly accurate and intuitive analysis tools, which are able to keep up with the rate at which data is becoming accessible.

Using the powers of analysis associated with big data in the modern age, every interaction on the internet could be collected and analysed in its many formats, whether it be text, documents, images, videos, audio or transactions.

Big Data with Nexis DaaS

With over 45 years in the data collection business, Nexis DaaS is experienced in the world of big data. Describing our content collection as a “source universe”, the Nexis DaaS dataset is unrivalled in its diversity, size and quality.

With a global content collection enhanced through normalisation and metadata enrichments, Nexis® Data as a Service delivers the highly relevant, archival and current data that organisations require for a broad range of big data research initiatives and specialised artificial intelligence applications.

Using a variety of sources (totalling 80,000 locations), Nexis DaaS keeps pace with the speed of the web that it mines, and have been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with regard to intelligent algorithms for decades. The Nexis DaaS big dataset covers over 13K topics in 75 languages, from 100+ countries, with 4.5M documents added on a daily basis. Nexis DaaS is a trusted provider of news, business and legal sources to organisations looking to power big data projects.

To truly realise the potential of big data, organisations must move beyond internal datasets alone to extract deeper context and actionable insights from data-driven initiatives. To keep up with the high volumes of data, Nexis DaaS APIs navigate data en-masse, from which it draws accurate semantic analysis.

Financial Trend Analysis

Use big data related to hedge fund news for financial trend analysis, quant modeling or predictive analytics based on event/price correlations to generate business insights and drive measurable value.

Corporate Data Science

Easily integrate print and online news data feeds into machine learning applications and access billions of relevant documents and data points to support business-critical data analytics.

Risk & Supply Management

Stay on top of emerging industry trends, regulatory changes, and potential disruptive events that could pose a risk with adverse online news articles, sanctions, PEPs and watchlist data integration.


Integrate relevant news and social media datasets into trend analysis applications and predictive analytics tools to conduct market data analysis, gauge brand performance and gain constructive competitor intelligence.

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