A trusted data provider

We have been connecting customers around the world to critical data with innovative technology platforms since 1973, pioneered the use of machine learning in 1990 and data visualisation in 1993 - decades before their mainstream use.

Today we’re a world-leading business data and news aggregator, known for our intuitive, flexible APIs connected to an unrivalled collection of enriched news, company, legal, regulatory, and patents data

Global Content Collection

An unmatched quality and quantity of data

Nexis DaaS gives you access to a wealth of premium content, business data and deep archives from an ever-expanding universe of sources. Our inhouse content experts help clients source the text-based data they need to build applications and solutions to achieve their business goals.

As a result of our ongoing dedication to always be at the forefront of data services and research innovation, no other company offers a greater breadth and depth of data.

Explore an exceptional range of third-party data

Because of the collaborative relationships we maintain with content publishers and data providers, your organisation can integrate data into your processes and workflows from a robust variety of sources.

Find the data you need—no wrangling required

Quickly discover insights hidden within petabytes of semi-structured, normalized and enriched text-based data through automatic aggregation across a multitude of sources and topics.

Accelerate your time to insight using valuable, relevant data

Nexis DaaS serves as your gateway to a vast collection of enriched news, company, legal, regulatory, social and patent data. You can access this data via intuitive, flexible APIs.

Data API options include:

  • Search and retrieve APIs
  • Constant call APIs
  • Bulk on-premises delivery APIs

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