Our Data Enrichments Process

We infuse meaning into our vast amounts of content through an intelligent data enrichment process. This proprietary data categorisation and indexing, along with third-party tagging, enables more efficient, targeted data calls and results wrangling.

So, with Nexis® DaaS, you gain greater flexibility in your post-processing organisation and can more easily extract valuable insights from our unmatched wealth of varied datasets.

Aggregate data & license content

Normalise & enrich data

Data delivery via flexible API/AWS

Data Enhancement

Spend less time wrangling data and more time extracting insights from it. Our industry leading data fabrication, classification, and enrichment process:

  • Creates clean, semi-structured XML data for integration into a database or application
  • Enables data discovery - even when content is  produced in different languages - through algorithmic semantic analysis
  • Supports more targeted data calls that yield more relevant data, thanks to metadata tags, topical classification, entity extraction, and other enrichments.


Descriptive Metadata


Subject Topics


Industry Tags







Features & Benefits

Our enriched data and services alleviate the need to create your own enrichment solution. Instead, you can start using Nexis DaaS right away to manage and leverage the global swell of traditional and online news, opinion, commentary and buzz.

Improve data discovery

Our normalisation and enrichment process enables you to quickly draw connections between data points, so you can capture insights you might have otherwise found too late or even missed altogether.

Get clean, semi-structured data

We use SmartIndexing™ technology to classify data based on subject, industry, company/organisation, public personality and location. It helps you uncover insights from data more efficiently, avoid information overload and make more-informed, confident decisions.

Working with an experienced partner

For more than 40 years, we have been enriching content to provide governments and businesses around the globe with better, richer  results and insights.

We offer fast access to clean, relevant data you can trust. You not only save time and money, but you also gain the added convenience of having a single point of contact instead of juggling multiple vendor relationships.

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