Robust Enrichments

The exponential growth of big data makes it even more challenging for companies to find crucial data to drive business insights. Access smarter data through a News API to unlock the power of predictive analytics, build quantitative financial models or fuel machine learning applications.

Retrieve relevant data for data analysis & interpretation

LexisNexis starts with automated data aggregation from leading global sources to provide the broadest insights across brands and markets. Our comprehensive content coverage is complemented by a data fabrication, classification and enrichment process unmatched in the industry.

Data normalisation

Allows for standard and flexible integration of a semi-structured XML data feed into any database or application. Our enrichments cover 125 descriptive metadata files including headline, topic, index time, publisher, country, language, editorial source rank, source topic and news category.

Algorithmic semantic analysis

Enables discovery of relevant data across content produced in different languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Brazilian-Portuguese and Arabic.

Named-entity extraction

Examines text and identifies relevant entities (companies, people, places), subject, events and geo-location.

Topical Classification

Natural language processing and machine learning techniques are at the heart of LexisNexis® SmartIndexing Technology™, our award-winning automated classification system that analyses and applies metadata related to more than 7,000 subjects and industries. This enables users to cut through the noise, discover the data needed for predictive analytics and other big data applications.

LexisNexis enriched data and services have been trusted globally by governments and businesses for 45+ years for good reasons. Our proprietary data categorisation, as well as third-party indexing and tagging, enables more efficient, targeted data calls that capture relevant data. Retrieved data maintains the legacy LexisNexis SmartIndexing tags, which can then be supplemented with your own enrichments.

Discover how the robust enrichments at the CORE of Nexis DaaS lets you move from big data wrangling to data analysis and interpretation. Contact us for access to our developer’s portal, sample files, and sample schema.

See how Nexis DaaS empowers big data research

Financial Trend Analysis

Use big data related to hedge fund news for financial trend analysis, quant modeling or predictive analytics based on event/price correlations to generate business insights and drive measurable value.

Corporate Data Science

Easily integrate print and online news data feeds into machine learning applications and access billions of relevant documents and data points to support business-critical data analytics.

Risk & Supply Management

Stay on top of emerging industry trends, regulatory changes, and potential disruptive events that could pose a risk with adverse online news articles, sanctions, PEPs and watchlist data integration.

Academic Research

Feed or retrieve relevant current and historical news articles, patents data, scientific and legal content into your data analysis tools to strengthen your R&D data analysis and interpretation, fuel innovation and achieve breakthrough technologies and insights.


Integrate relevant news and social media datasets into trend analysis applications and predictive analytics tools to conduct market data analysis, gauge brand performance and gain constructive competitor intelligence.

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