Benefits & Features

Extract actionable intelligence from the most comprehensive global collection of print, online, and broadcast sources. Our Metabase API is a clean and consistent  way to access millions of enriched LexisNexis®-licensed- and web-harvested news documents across multiple content sets spanning the globe all from a single News API.

Comprehensive Content from One API

Take your media monitoring to the next level with a single feed of global news and social commentary posts, so you can identify critical trends and enable quick response to emerging events.

Standardised and Enriched Data for Improved Relevance

Gain insights from media analytics sooner with normalised, semi-structured and enriched data that helps you cut through the clutter with topic indexing, metadata tags and advanced filtering.

Easy-to-Integrate API

Get access to news and social media from around the world with flexible API integration and delivery options to power business- critical applications, deep research and insight-driving media analytics.

Our Data Delivery

Search & Retrieve

Metabase Search API allows for fast, comprehensive access to our content across all media types.

  • Conduct searches across all datasets
  • Search across the previous 100 days of publicly available and commentary or across 10 years of print content
  • Create a call to find content that matches your keyword


Full firehose of Metabase data including:

  • All datasets normalised into one data stream
  • Monitor coverage and commentary
  • Up to date content coverage with ability to call every 10 seconds or stream content directly

Custom Feed

Create highly targeted filters for more relevant results

  • Create filters using Boolean logic to isolate the precise content needed over the ‘Firehose’ content
  • Only articles that match filters delivered
  • Use the enhanced Metabase Portal UI to create and manage filters

Metabase Archive

Up to a 10-year archive of licensed content and 100 days of publicly available content.

  • Extract from AWS or an FTP site depending on the data volume and the number of years required for on premises hosting.
  • Maintain the archive for the life of the license agreement.
  • Maintenance feed is provided for updates and any changes in archive data.

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