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Aurora WDC Big Data
Data fuels Aurora WDC’s intelligence gathering, analysis and cloud-based technology platforms, so when this global intelligence organization needed a third-party data provider, it cast a wide net. After considering numerous contenders, Aurora WDC selected LexisNexis® Data as a Service (DaaS) to support the needs of its in-house analysts and consultants, as well as clients using its self-service software.
Challenge - Uncovering insights from big data

Like the universe, the ‘dataverse’ expansion is accelerating. Currently thedigital universe is doubling in size every two years, human-generated datais growing 10X faster and IoT (sensor) data is growing 50X faster. The result? Many organizations feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data, let alone storing, processing, analyzing, and acting upon it. For nearly 25 years, Aurora WDC has leveraged intelligence and analytics to advise corporate clients worldwide, so harnessing the power of big data is a necessity. WDC Chief Technology Officer Gregory Ervin notes, “We shopped around for a DaaS provider, and one of the biggest challenges was too much noise.” High volume data, without the ability to extract relevant information, couldn’t support the intelligence firm’s—or its clients’—needs. “The quickest ways to lose trust with clients are too much noise and too little insight,” says Ervin.

Solution - LexisNexis Data as a Service delivers

In searching for a DaaS provider, Ervin identified several ‘must-haves’. Because of the firm’s global client base, it needed access to comprehensive data sets relevant to many markets and industries. Enhanced data and powerful search technology were also critical, says Ervin, noting that finding valuable information without rich metadata and advanced Boolean search takes a “Herculean effort.”

Ervin was already familiar with LexisNexis, having previously integrated LexisNexis Newsdesk® content with Aurora WDC’s FirstLight™ business and competitive intelligence portal. After evaluating the options, the firm decided to go with LexisNexis® Metabase for its focused news and social content complemented by robust metadata.

Results - Strong focus on competitive and market data

Ervin considers Metabase an ‘intelligence-gathering power tool’ that Aurora WDC uses to unlock vital intelligence from social and traditional media conversations to deliver critical analyses designed to help clients meet their key performance goals. When asked about what he values most about LexisNexis DaaS, he highlights two advantages that other providers under consideration did not offer:

Ease of installation— “I specifically like that the Metabase search API didn’t require 1,000 IT hours to get going,” says Ervin. The API integrates with Aurora WDC’s software platform for clients, enabling clients to build their own queries without having Aurora in the room. The API also supports the data mining that Aurora WDC analysts conduct on behalf of clients.

Manipulability of the data sets— “The enormous source universe, rich metadata and advanced Boolean search capabilities available through Metabase make LexisNexis the highest quality Data as a Service provider forour needs,” Ervin says.

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