Optimal Data Delivery

Digital transformation is more than a business buzzword; it’s a necessity in the modern business landscape. But while many organisations are taking aim at digital transformation, the data analysis and interpretation central to the process—an estimated 60 to 85 percent of big data projects fail to hit the mark.  Why are organisations struggling to achieve results?

Whether your company wants to undertake brand data research, conduct financial trend analysis or develop machine learning algorithms, you need relevant, high-quality, normalised big data, enriched with metadata, and delivered via an easy-to-integrate API from an experienced content aggregator.

Outstanding source variety for enterprise data integrations

For more than 40 years, LexisNexis has built solid relationships with global news and data providers in support of relevant data aggregation spanning a multitude of sources and topics. Our News API empowers organisations with a curated content corpus of normalised big data. Unmatched for their variety and volume, the datasets link organisations to the information needed for qualitative and quantitative data analysis and ultimately, success-fueling insights.

Our data infrastructure supports:

More than 125 million searches annually

Over 1 million documents downloaded daily

Redundant architecture including a separate redundant system for disaster recovery that is tested multiple times a year.

99.91% application reliability

99.97% application availability

Nexis DaaS APIs provide access to data with multiple ways of accessing it and flexibility in how it is searched, delivered and hosted.

Relying on internal data alone can keep even the best data projects on the ground. External sources provide additional dimensions for data projects, allowing you to launch AI or machine learning applications that reveal actionable information.

  • Bulk API allows you to subscribe to ATOM, XML-based semi-structured data feeds of news, legal and regulatory content at the publication level—with a data archive reaching back more than 30 years—to deliver a large volume of content for historical analysis, predictive modeling and more.
  • The RESTful API offers access to enhanced functions—search, retrieve, saved searches and work folders—within your own user interface, so you can access the full LexisNexis content set and retrieve data on demand.
  • Constant call API empowers ongoing monitoring of specific datasets, such as PEPs and watchlists for proactive risk management.

Nexis DaaS also offers access to extensive online resources to help you gain in-depth knowledge of various web services calls and codes for variety of development environments.

Platform neutral

Open Data Protocol (OData 4.0)

W3C-compliant solution using an XML-based API

XML request/response

Scalability & QoS

Need alternative data to complement your in-house data sets?  Talk to one of our data integration specialists about the Optimal delivery APIs at the CORE of Nexis DaaS and ask about our developer’s portal.


Tap into alternative data sources, unique for their volume and variety to support data analysis and interpretation for a wide range of financial, corporate, risk, academic and brand data research.

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Give your data analysis tools better fuel with smart content enriched with expertly-applied semantic analysis to drive precision search, increased relevance and faster discovery for quantitative and qualitative data analysis.

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Move from data integration to actionable insights by choosing an experienced Data as a Service partner. LexisNexis®, a trusted content aggregator for business and legal organisations for 45+ years, pioneered the use of machine learning and data visualisation in our applications, decades before their mainstream use.

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See how Nexis DaaS empowers big data research

Financial Trend Analysis

Use big data related to hedge fund news for financial trend analysis, quant modeling or predictive analytics based on event/price correlations to generate business insights and drive measurable value.

Corporate Data Science

Easily integrate print and online news data feeds into machine learning applications and access billions of relevant documents and data points to support business-critical data analytics.

Risk & Supply Management

Stay on top of emerging industry trends, regulatory changes, and potential disruptive events that could pose a risk with adverse online news articles, sanctions, PEPs and watchlist data integration.

Academic Research

Feed or retrieve relevant current and historical news articles, patents data, scientific and legal content into your data analysis tools to strengthen your R&D data analysis and interpretation, fuel innovation and achieve breakthrough technologies and insights.


Integrate relevant news and social media datasets into trend analysis applications and predictive analytics tools to conduct market data analysis, gauge brand performance and gain constructive competitor intelligence.

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